Friday, February 15, 2008

Nightmare Detective

Does the newest gorefest from Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto live up to expectations? Zach and Will take a stab at reviewing this horror thriller.

Check it out:

Nightmare Detective podcast

For a written breakdown, read Zach's review

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I wasn't listening closely enough to your podcast, but I didn't realize this was made by the director of Testuo: The Iron Man. That film really blew me away when I saw it back in '90. Have you guys seen it, and what do you think of this director's apparent change in style? I also heard that Nightmare Detective might be part of a trilogy, and that there might be an American version of it filmed. What do you guys think of that, and who would you see playing the leads in the American film? Oh, and I really like your podcasts...keep it up!