Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brüno mit Zach, Will, and Bracken

This is a special Movie Bonfire / Funkyzeit mit Zach, Will, and Bracken in which Zach and Bracken try to convince Will (against his better judgment) to go see Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy/documentary/nonsensical prank film Brüno. And maybe we'll convince you too.

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Derek said...

I'm in Will's camp in that I agree with him, have seen Borat, and don't plan on seeing Bruno.

Borat definitely had a greater message to deliver. He looked at the racism and ignorance of America and then turned the cameras around and threw it right back in our faces in an unbelievably funny way. To assume that Bruno isn't trying to doing the same thing with the gay community in America doesn't give Sacha Baron Cohen enough credit.

After listening to the podcast, I'm still not convinced I should see Bruno, as it seems to have fallen short of the high expectations Borat set.

Shane said...

I am in Zach and Bracken's camp. This movie was so funny. It is an 80 minute movie and I laughed like every 30 seconds. I can't ask anything more in a comedy. Go see it Will!!