Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Zombie Marathon Concludes: Fido

Bringing the (seemingly) longest bonfire marathon ever to its final resting place took longer than expected, but with the horror/comedy Fido - about a boy and his zombie - the Movie Bonfire trilogy wraps up nicely on a light-hearted comedic note... a light-hearted comedic note filled with zombies.

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Terrie said...

Did you guys catch the scene that was a rip-off of the classic "Lassie" plot? It's Jimmy (remember Timmy?), tied to a tree, telling Fido to "Go get help, boy." And then Mom figuring out that Fido was trying to tell her that Jimmy was in trouble. Of course, it diverges from "Lassie" at the point where Mom pulls a gun out of her purse to dispatch a zombie kid......