Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cronenberg Episode 7: Dead Ringers (1988)

For our final episode in the David Cronenberg marathon, we present the 1988 film Dead Ringers. Here Cronenberg adds his own spin on the true story of twin gynecologists found dead in their apartment in New York. Jeremy Irons plays both brothers and shows his acting chops (take a look at those tools in the picture to the right, he definitely shows some "chops"). By any measure this is a disturbing film, touching on standard Cronenberg themes such as flesh, sexuality, technology, and science, all with a little bit of gore thrown in for good measure. Join us as we sign off on our Cronenberg marathon and each rate our experience with the past seven movies.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I don't mean to come across as a pretentious douche, but simply brushing off this movie, and all of Cronenberg's work in general as "perverted" and just a conduit for the guy's supposed fetishes is so willfully, bull-headedly ignorant and shallow that it's painful to listen to. You call yourself a movie critic but refuse to see past the surface of things? Next thing I know, you'll be telling us that M.C. Escher was dyslexic.

Bill Carter said...

Enlighten me. Just because one can appreciate Cronenberg's gore/sex/homoerotic kinkiness doesn't validate what is, in my opinion, self indulgent and just plain creepy filmaking (for the most part).