Friday, January 8, 2010

A MB Diatribe on Avatar and the State of Movie Theatres in General

In this episode, we started to talk about James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar (we're always there with your up-to-the-minute topics) but got sidetracked into a lengthy, and ultimately much more interesting, discussion on the pros and cons of going to a theatre to see a movie or watching it at home. Is the movie theatre dying? (doubtful) Is Avatar one big gimmick? (blasphemy) Are there any movies that Will Carter actually likes?! (yes, one) Listen to this episode to hear two movie nerds yell at each other and a movie nerd moderator attempt to find middle ground.

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Kobes said...

Hey guys,

Good stuff on Avatar; Will, here's that post i mentioned:

Keep up the good work!


Shane said...

There is a lot of stuff to comment on here. I almost don't know where to begin. This Movie Bonfire got me all balls out mad. I was walking in downtown Chicago making all kinds of faces.

I thought Zach was the voice of reason until he said "Avatar was way better than Star Wars". No way at all. 30 years from now no one will be studying and seeing Avatar like Star Wars. There won't be conventions, novels, cartoons, action figures.

Star Wars was a total game changer that this movie isn't. Or ever will be. (and I've never been one of those HUGE Star Wars fans. I don't read the books or know the exact details of the mythology. I can just appreciate how good of a movie it is. Take away all the above stuff I mentioned and it really is a great picture.)

Although, in all fairness, Star Wars has a lot of similarities to the film, The Seven Samurai. Much like Avatar has a lot of similarities to other films before it.

I had an English teacher that once told me that there are no original stories anymore, just stories that are reworked. (on the fence if I agree or not with that) But you can probably trace most stories back to one thing before it.

Lets deal with Avatar and then the thing that got me all worked up (well, the Star Wars thing did also). Avatar was a really good movie, not Great. But good. Solid and a person should def. see it. In the THEATER!

I have been having this discussion with people lately and it boggles my mind how anyone can think that seeing a movie at home is better than in a theater. There is no/zero comparison.

Seeing a movie with a big screen, excellent sounds and strangers is like a big communal experience.

Zach was correct. It gets you out of the house and with your fellow man. Instead of just being stuck inside your house. And seeing movie with strangers is great. You are all witnessing a new thing at the same time. If it is a comedy, all laughing together, a horror picture, all being scared..a mystery..everybody is figuring out the mystery at the same time.

You can't stop the film for a phone call or knock on the door or getting the mail. Its a continuous experience with no interruptions.

It would be a sad sad day if there are no more movie theaters and we all start watching new movies in our houses. What an entirely isolating experience that would be.

I think there is nothing better then going to a movie on opening night with a bunch of friends and bunch of strangers and we are all watching it for the first time.

Gene Siskel once said that seeing movies in a theater is like an "out of body experience". I couldn't agree with him more.

Bill Carter said...

im not saying that home should replace the theater. Im just saying that the home option should be available at the same time as the theater option.