Friday, January 8, 2010

A MB Diatribe on Avatar and the State of Movie Theatres in General

In this episode, we started to talk about James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar (we're always there with your up-to-the-minute topics) but got sidetracked into a lengthy, and ultimately much more interesting, discussion on the pros and cons of going to a theatre to see a movie or watching it at home. Is the movie theatre dying? (doubtful) Is Avatar one big gimmick? (blasphemy) Are there any movies that Will Carter actually likes?! (yes, one) Listen to this episode to hear two movie nerds yell at each other and a movie nerd moderator attempt to find middle ground.

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Kobes said...

Hey guys,

Good stuff on Avatar; Will, here's that post i mentioned:

Keep up the good work!


Bill Carter said...

im not saying that home should replace the theater. Im just saying that the home option should be available at the same time as the theater option.